Lite-Brite, Wooden Crate, Record Player
15 x 12 x 28
This piece is an accumulation of vintage objects arranged in what functions as a nightstand, as well as a light. The text featured, which resides in the custom IKEA font, is an obvious and rebellious reference to interior design practices. This idea has been brought to the foreground as I have been working for an interior design company specializing in senior living. This piece also emphasizes a blatant mockery of contemporary living practices, which IKEA as a company currently sits at the forefront of in our modern culture. The idea of planned obsolescence also holds firm with this piece, as I attempt to highlight that furniture, as well as the majority of current goods, are not "made like the used to". The title functions as a dual reference to one of IKEA's main objectives that their products are "ready-to-assemble" for the consumer, as well as an art history reference to Marcel Duchamp's conceptual "Readymade" series, that highlights that ordinary manufactured objects can take on whatever role the artist projects onto them.
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