The nature of cultural changes over time, in a broad sense, is where my work originates. My initial investigations have stemmed from my experiences working in long-term memory care and have generated ideas regarding mental and physical transformations. I have discovered an inherent interest in selective or distorted memories and anecdotes through the progression of time, in conjunction with how these ideas filter our social ideologies. Particularly, I have chosen to narrow my studies further by attempting to understand our social reliance on convenience and instant gratification, juxtaposed with ideologies of the past. The way our culture has learned to adapt to rapid advancements and the forceful nature in which this progression occurs allows for the conceptual foundation of my practice. The physical production of my work occurs through a variety of material outlets. The creation lingers in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms, and finds a way to manifest in a multitude of mediums ranging from found objects, photos, audio, video, and text.